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Enable Visual Styles method: tile view, grouping, and the insertion mark.

The tile view lets you balance graphical and textual information by displaying item and subitem text next to large icons. The insertion mark feature lets you provide drag-and-drop item repositioning with visual feedback to indicate drop locations.

The tile view, which has limited availability as described below, allows you to display the item and its subitems as a tile that contains a large icon next to the textual information. The multiple selection feature lets the user select from a list of items in a way similar to a List Box control.

Additionally, the user can activate selected items to perform a task.

The , Combo Box, or Checked List Box on a base Windows form and want to modify the string collections of those controls in a derived Windows form, the string collections of those controls in the base Windows form must be empty.

If the string collections are not empty, they become read-only when you derive another Windows form.

If the property set to true, you can perform tasks such as validating the text being edited before and after the text changed by creating an event handler for the Before Label Edit and After Label Edit events.

To perform tasks such as opening a file or displaying a dialog box to edit an item displayed in a control with a background image is hosted in Internet Explorer, specify comctl32version 6.0 as a dependent assembly in the application manifest file to ensure the background image is property displayed.

The Find String and Find String Exact methods enable you to search for an item in the list that contains a specific search string.For example, you could use a control to display a list of files that the application can then open and utilize.The user can select the files to open and then double-click them to activate the items and open the files in the application.Each file and folder displays an icon associated with it to help identify the type of file or folder.The List View Item class represents an item within a control.

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