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Also provides education on legal issues of HIV/AIDS. also provides information on testing for HIV and provides public speakers of PLA's (Persons Living with AIDS) among other services. has a membership of (11) community based organizations, (2) A. Web site: AIDS Walk unites the community in heightening awareness of HIV/AIDS and in raising money to address the needs of those in our community with HIV/AIDS.Since 1992, the Legal Project has provided free services to over 1,000 clients on issues involving insurance, discrimination, access to care and public benefits, testing and confidentiality. One hundred percent of the Walk's net proceeds are distributed to local AIDS organizations providing essential services to people with HIV/AIDS.Group services are also made available to the HIV community.Provides various programs and services to empower families and individuals who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

The goals we share are to promote self-empowerment and education to those persons both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Volunteers of America manages the Care Coordinator Program offering case management and financial assistance for health related needs, such as medications, health insurance, nutrition, transportation to medical appointments, and housing stabilization, for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The STOP (Stop the spread of HIV through Testing, Outreach & Prevention) education program of Volunteers of America is dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV through education, outreach, and group interaction, in a caring nonjudgmental and direct manner.

WINGS provides services including primary care, infectious diseases, nutrition services, pharmacy, support groups, mental health assessments and referral, as well as liaisons to community services for those with HIV/AIDS. is also a part of Volunteers of America's STOP Program. e-mail: [email protected] community health outreach workers and dedicated volunteers coordinate several programs to educate the community on how to reduce the risk of contracting HIV.

e-mail: [email protected] resource center keeps updated literature available to people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and those needing to study the facts of HIV/AIDS and other STD's. We are often looking for volunteers and participants for our entertaining and informative programs.

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