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We can solve all three of these problems, funding, retirement and the lack of necessary nano-improvements in our shortest internship. I might even like something else if you can shoot me a menu? We have a 67 Craymagnon working up psyches on the bio option that you filled out long ago, net hits too; while the menu is just a one size fits all sort of thing; 200 options, but hey, it's like going to the restaurant and picking something, as opposed to just letting your taste buds tell you what they are hungry for by looking at the real thing behind a counter." "So, like the bio thing is free, and the other menu stuff costs? We find the best clients for our needs, and do much of it off of bios. You are scouted by the company, and they like what they see, so they go to hire you to fill a need that has just opened up and won't be there tomorrow; and then you decide that you don't want to be the finance manager, for which we know you are perfectly suited, but rather, you decide that you want to be a salesperson. I have that on recording, but I have to ask one last question.

What we are talking about here is a win-win solution for us, Joe. " She answered, "It's weird, I know, but the best product on our table is the cheapest and only available for those who sign up right away; an exclusive offer, you see. We can't pay the same for that because our needs are not as perfectly matched, and besides, you'd be a less satisfied employee. Right out of your records and bio; stuff you don't even know about." "OK, I guess. You'll be signing a legal wavers of sexual preference declaration, in effect, so we need to be a bit legal here.

It was almost as lopsided now as it had been Southern Presidents around the turn of the century, that too a fluke of demographics and most of the women Southern anyway, though with global warming being what it is, the immigration north was apt to change at least some of that, particularly since the breach tragedies in Florida.

As for entertainment, the old rough rapper yelling, "Make my bitch get down and serve my d....," sort of mass appeal was long gone, it having been replaced by that much more PC strong woman lifestyle ads and music videos.

What do you think I've been trying to set you up for? Did you tell her that I was 6 times divorced and that my penis is 46 years old, not one nanobug to it's puny name? Some women like men who are natural; besides, she has money for nanos if she really likes you as a husband. Besides, it's more about what's in the mind than what's below the belt.

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My own great-grandmother was a hundred and twenty-seven, she outlasting great granddaddy, granddad, and dad. " I flipped it on, surprised that I'd managed to find the trick to turn the damned thing off last time I'd been online.

Setting in my preferences, I was immediately connected to 27,195 matching players.

As usual, spam found a way through before it could find a partner, it an ad for Fem World, "spend a weekend or a summer.

Never into the plastic people glam-show scene, Joe went to 488, a game show, he couldn't remember the name of it, a woman's show, not at all unlike the old 'Oprah' shows, only the women were less dumpy, more professional, and for therapy, instead of Doctor Whatshisname, they simply had their boyfriends duck into the pillory wall and got to toss eggs at their heads for prizes whenever the interviewed couples got to a point where they discussed the battle of the sexes in mainly female terms.

All in good fun, but nothing like the music videos, where channel 489 was featuring headbanger girl bands of the 2030s, guys crawling at their feet with loin cloths on that left the occasional gaping view of a penis or two.

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