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Be sure to plug it in the same direction as the original one. Some of the early relays have poor quality solder connections inside. This is why sometimes waiting can get the car to restart. The new, updated parts have larger contacts and better solder joints to prevent failures. It started happening more frequently, but after letting the car sit for a while it would stat and be fine for several days/weeks. Maybe update your profile to show what part of the state you're in.If this can cause the engine to stall, not start, etc, why wasn't it recalled? Is there any way to prevent the failure of this relay? Factory Alarm, LED tails, Memory Seat, HIDs 38/48 MPG. Now, the glow plug light is not coming on at all and the car will not start. And take the time to read as much as you can about your TDI, it will save you lots of worries and money in the future.Now it comes on and just keeps running and no start. I don't know how your lift pump is wired - could be grounded differently. If nothing else, it'll get you in the engine compartment, looking for loose wires.Zadeh worked at Microsoft after graduating with a master's degree from University of Maryland in computer science, which is part of the University of Maryland College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences.Now it comes on and just keeps running and no start. My car has recently died a few times like key was turned off it started back.New relay same problem no start what do i try next? fuel pump and normally when i turn key you can hear it come on for a few seconds then shut off until car is started. Assuming one of the relay 109's is good, and this happens no matter which is in, a bad ground could cause the power not to get to the ecu.One in car was already an upgraded relay i noticed.

Open source software is leveraged for flexibility and innovation, but can seem impossible to support.The footwell trim needs to be removed for easy access. Relay 109 is in position 12: Image from tongsli You can see the relay looking between the steering column and the dash trim. My husband replaced the glow plugs and harness wire. Recently, my car began having this problem: Occaissionaly the glow plug light would not illuminate when turning the key to "on" and the car will not start. Have you ever gone down the highway, typically in cruise, and have he cruise "cut out" for just a moment? And since the symptom of the "glow plug" light not coming on is such a tipoff, you'll know when it (if) it ever needs to be replaced again.Please note that a replacement relay may be a different color then your original, and the lettering may be upside down. This was happening maybe once a month and only when my husband wasn't home to check it out. Think of a spare 109 like a spare tire -- you hope you'll never need it but you'll be glad to have it if you do. You folks in Missouri have a handful of top TDI pros (Oilhammer in the St L area, GT aka Glen Temple over by KC, Franko6 down by Joplin).Second question, even though the relay bench tested ok, is it possible it is still faulty?My car is stick in my work parking lot which is a 0 tow from the dealership.

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