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The Minister will also meet with ambassadors from like-minded countries to discuss goals and challenges in the region.

“Canada will continue to work with China to deepen and broaden our relationship.

Many however, don't realize that Roy's passion for equality began when he was just a young man.

As World War Two erupted, so did the controversy over whether Chinese-Canadians should volunteer to fight for a Canada that didn't even give them the right to vote.

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They say if you get captured and the Japanese would interrogate you to get information from you about the Allied Forces.

And that's why at that time they wanted the service of Chinese-Canadians.

Those of us who volunteered, you know went overseas and you know, we even had danger pay, had extra 200 dollars, for the nature of the work that we had to do.

Roy In Malaysia and Singapore, one third of the population was Chinese so they needed Chinese to be flown in behind enemy lines and organize guerilla movements.

You know, coordinate the activities with the local population to harass the Japanese.

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    And, as Leslie notes, it was due to his father's military career that five of the eight Rutledge children who were born between 19 were born abroad, and that Leslie himself went to some ten different schools within a six-year period.