Ideas for updating human resopurces dept

Gain ideas on using HR analytics to measure employee engagement and maximize your HR role.

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For Health Sciences employees, please visit UC San Diego Health Human Resources, contact Health HR at 619-543-3200, or submit a request/ inquiry to Health HR.The practice of tracking HR metrics and analyzing data has become widespread, with more than nine out of 10 HR departments indicating that they employ data analytics of some kind.The data analytics most often used and tracked "are those that affect the bottom line," according to Molly Huie, manager of survey reports for Bloomberg BNA.• The median per capita budget figure varies widely across organizations of different sizes, ranging from 4 per employee among the largest organizations (those with 2,500 or more workers) to ,966 per employee among small establishments (those with fewer than 250 workers).• This year’s budget figures show HR salaries pushing higher.

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