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AR-7 Survival Rifle If a takedown .22 plinker fits in your budget, it will easily fit in your backpack.

The AR-7 survival rifle disassembles to stow in its own buttstock, and it costs about the same as a non-takedown Marlin or Ruger.

‘Mission-Critical’ reliability is also not exactly mission-critical for plinking, when a jam or misfire is only an inconvenience.

That being said, a plinker should be fairly reliable with the kinds of low-grade .22 ammunition (purchased at least 500 rounds at a time) that will be its exclusive diet.

If you’re looking for a plinker, remember to include pawn shops and smaller gun stores in your search because used guns often make the best plinkers.

First of all they’re cheap, and second you’ll never get too upset if your nephew accidentally scratches or dings a gun that’s already covered in dings and scratches.

Find them at pawn shops and LGS’s: the uglier and cheaper they are, the more bang you’ll get for your plinking buck as long as the barrel isn’t corroded.

Non-.22 Plinkers The term ‘plinker’ is pretty much synonymous with the .22 long rifle cartridge, but there are a handful of centerfire rifles and handguns (and even a few shotguns) that can be really cheap to own and shoot.

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Jennings founded Raven Arms, and his family or associates also founded the Jennings, Bryco, Lorcin, Davis and Phoenix arms companies.

If you get lucky and stumble on a used Marlin Papoose, you must reach directly for your wallet and purchase it: do not pass GO and do not call home first.

Budget tip: the Mossberg ‘Plinkster’is a clone of the Marlin Model 60, and it’s sometimes even cheaper than the original.

These features make them capable of amazing accuracy with expensive match-grade ammo, which you’ll never use while plinking.

The Ruger .22 autos (any of them) are probably the best plinking pistol of the past 60 years: they’re all steel and they wear out, no matter how beat up they may look.

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