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Chances are you’re in one of the five stages of love, as revealed today by e Harmony psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos.Our study of British couples has identified five distinct stages in a loving relationship, and the symptoms which help you identify which one you’re in.Despite your differences, do you understand each other?Do you share core beliefs, and how can you find compromises?

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It is where the relationship becomes more about practicalities, expectations, and forming boundaries with each other for what is and isn’t acceptable in the relationship.

Dr Linda explained: “Shaped via a mixture of physical and emotional indicators, it’s fascinating to note that this one core emotion can be broken down into such distinct stages.

“What’s more, each stage may be relived and recaptured as couples grow into a relationship, and face different life challenges together.” Stage 1: Butterflies This stage is all about the initial lust and infatuation felt when you meet someone you like – and the ‘happy anxiety’ that comes with it.

This lust is driven by the sex hormones Testosterone and Oestrogen.

Testosterone is not confined only to men (while it is known as a male sex hormone, women have levels of the hormone in their system as well) and it’s part of what drives desire, fantasy, and thoughts about sex, and even helps provide the energy for sex in both men women.

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