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It is very important to keep up-to-date with the regulations and conducts recommended by your regulator.Go check our article about "5 marketing tips to promote your nutrition practice".Billboards in the United States, building-side projections in Germany — timed to coincide with Cologne’s Photokina exhibition — and even a freaking statue have all popped up in recent days.It feels very much like the bubbling start to a high-pressure marketing campaign that’s going to boil over as Google’s announcement day approaches.In case you have the possibility to invest in them, you can boost your posts in two ways.The easiest way is to choose a post and click on the "boost post" button, on the right corner. This will allow your post to reach more people and increase their engagement, you will get more likes, comments and shares.

That person will add that code on your website's root.You can choose several criteria such as age, place, gender, language or personal interests.It allows you to only select people from your practice's region, or a more specific audience if you are a sports dietitian, for example.If you already have a website or a professional blog, for example, you can redirect your Facebook post to those channels.You can find useful content to give your patients, such as news in the field, usefull tips about healthy eating or answer frequently asked questions from your patients.

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