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ADDITIONAL FINDS Not far north and 27 years before the Kensington Rune Stone was discovered, an old fire-steel identical to medieval Norse specimens at Oslo’s University Museum emerged from deep beneath the bank of the Red River near Climax, Minnesota.Compelling considerations such as these prompted investigators to seek out professional help of their own in 2000. Paul-based American Petrographic Services, a firm specializing in the analysis of construction materials to determine suitability, conformance to specifications, or causes of failure. Wolter, a university-trained, certified geologist, who had never even heard of the Kensington Rune Stone.When a simple farmer discovered what seemed to be an ancient stone with “Viking-style” runes inscribed on it in Minnesota, people said he was crazy or lying.But more than 100 years later, additional discoveries have proved the stele was the real Mc Coy, although left there by Knights Templar of the Middle Ages rather than Norsemen., by Scott F. Although the author of this Revisionist book, who is well known to longtime readers of TBR, is a professional geologist and not a historian, the discoveries made by Wolter in recent years and described in Hooked X are powerful enough to compel a fundamental rethinking of our view of the American past.Not until 1937, when hydrological surveys were conducted for the state of Minnesota, did investigators learn that the area of discovery was virtually flooded with streams and lakes during the 14th century and for at least 500 years before.Increasingly dry conditions beginning in the 16th century transfigured the regional landscape into swamps and marsh, until it became the rich pasture Olof Ohman settled in the late 1800s.While mainstream archeologists and linguists continued to insist that the Kensington Rune Stone was fraudulent, a geologist at the Minnesota Historical Society, Newton Horace Winchell, undertook a detailed physical analysis of the object for the first time.

A few amateur researchers had their doubts, however, and wondered if other local evidence might support the rune stone’s pre-Columbian authenticity.

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He would conduct its first detailed physical analysis since Winchell’s investigation, 90 years before.

With no preconceived notions and indifferent to the outcome of his research, Wolter began using photography with a reflected light microscope, core sampling and examination via a scanning electron microscope.

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