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Norma, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology who lives with her parents, never laughed in response; she warned him that if he did she’d take him to court. He barraged her with texts, sometimes telling her that she needed to talk to him because his mother was deathly ill.

(This was a lie.) Other texts threatened to post online her intimate photographs.

Four years earlier, when she was seventeen, she had met Christopher Morcos, who was then nineteen, at a Starbucks near her home, in Nutley.In the past decade, thirty-three more states and the District of Columbia have adopted nonconsensual-porn laws like New Jersey’s.Despite such efforts, one can easily find sites on the Internet that are dedicated to revenge porn.She also has clients who are being extorted into providing sex or money because someone has graphic pictures of them and is threatening to send the images to employers or parents or siblings.She has even begun advising teen-age students who have been sexually assaulted and had the incidents recorded on cell phones, and who have then had to go to school with peers who may have been watching the videos in the cafeteria or the hallways. She was aggressive—you had to be—and you had to believe in your clients when everyone else was calling them deadbeats.

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