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) But if the Swiss women are equally passive (as bemoaned in the other thread), then how do they meet at all?

I'll guess that, somehow, the answer involves the phrase 'it varies from canton to canton...' I find with the Swiss girls that they do not flirt so much, and they have an extremely tough external.

When I came first time from South Africa with my girlfriend we saw significant differences in interpersonal contacts.

Initially it was mind boggling for us but after reading the book "Beyond chocolate understanding the Swiss culture" it has opened up our horizons.

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I was born in Kazakhstan, then we with a family moved to Russia, to the city of Kaliningrad. I am 34 years old, isn't married, there are no children. II am single and I live in the north west of Italy.

I heard that it's has got something to do with the region or cantons in Switzerland for that matter: in German swiss region people are more bored due to the weather which makes them more cold towards each other and ''alles ins Ordnung'' we live like robots...

on the contrary towards Geneva, Laussane and Ticino people are more latino orientated thus warmer towards each other in relations representing so called ''macho culture''.

lam here to meet guys from switzerland and l grew up in africa but i live in switzerland l have black hair short and my clothing style is a bit modern and my heihgt is 156cm and lam window my best featrures is to have Just cool, jovial, funny and very understanding❤️❤️Not rude tho but quick to send back the thrash My mode of dressing is conservative, height 5; 7ft, black hair, slim in body size Very mature personality I grew up on a beautiful touristic island. Altruist, Humanist, Free spirit seeking her soulmate for the rest of her life also on love awake. actually im busy with work, but i m on a point to came to the conclution to have a parnter for life on my side.

I have brown hair and a Complex intellectually hungry and demanding woman, being told to be dominant and liberate in same time..

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