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She shared anecdotal stories about mothers who purchased their sons or daughters’ JDate subscriptions, helped them with their profiles and weighed in on who they should contact.She advises her clients to expand their search, and then come to the decision of whether or not they can only date within their own religion.I don't even know the answer to that :( Is anyone in my situation?????Has anyone out there married a Jew and had problems with raising children???We spoke about kids and he told me at that time that he wouldn't mind raising our kids Christian.He said that eventually the kids them selves would decide which of the two they prefer.Please I need advice from people who are in this situation!!! I am coming to you not only as a Christian woman, but as a Christian woman who once dated Jewish man.llike your boyfriend, he only went to the synagogue on high holidays and at the beginning did not mind our religious differences.

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Its totally crazy that we are talking about the details of our children's upbringing and trying to make deals until it feels "even 50/50 before we are even married!But we feel like all details must be discussed before hand so there will not be problems in the future that could seriously disturb the marriage. He is not into the religion aspect but he would love to have his kids be "Jewish".Luckily since I am the women and I'm Christian, my children will never be Jewish unless they convert. We have had small arguments and we can't seem to feel comfortable. My family loves him but they don't want me to marry a non-Christian.Our unique approach in creating a Jewish dating site has resulted in many Success Stories.We blend cutting edge technology with our unique human touch, to create an online Jewish community like no other Jewish dating sites.

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