The problems interracial dating

Along with a talk about the birds and bees, they will have to talk about what to do when stopped by police."Being in an interracial marriage did open my eyes to things like that that I never would have thought about," Erik Gregersen said.Between the couple themselves, though, "race really is not an issue," Rachel Gregersen said.It's a small example of issues interracial couples still face, even 50 years after mixed marriages became legal nationwide. Virginia case — the subject of the recent film "Loving" — that the U. Supreme Court ruled that state bans on interracial marriage were unconstitutional.Now a new analysis of census data by the Pew Research Center has found that the percentage of interracial or interethnic newlyweds in the U. rose from 3 percent since the Loving case to 17 in 2015."We forget about it until the outside world reminds us from time to time."As the child of an interracial couple, Michelle Hughes identifies herself differently depending on the setting.

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One measure reflecting the shift is that, according to a Pew poll, the percentage of non-blacks who said they'd oppose a relative marrying a black person dropped from 63 percent in 1990 to 14 percent in 2016. are by far the most likely to marry someone of a different race or ethnicity.The network, which will celebrate the anniversary of the Loving decision next month, also holds an annual family barbecue on the lakefront.As a child, Hughes remembered being called the N-word exactly twice.She reported one child to school officials, who ended the name-calling, and her father impressed on the other child that such language was not acceptable.Hughes' parents married in 1967, the year of the Loving decision, but she said they didn't face as much backlash as some other couples because they lived in diverse areas in Chicago and south suburban Homewood.

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