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By then, it had a couple of news links, a couple of links to technical information about the quake, and some empty sections for links to personal accounts, organizations working to provide relief, governments’ response, and some other useful links. Over the next few days, I fell into the routine of following what I could from mailing lists, e-mails being sent around, news sites, and the like and adding information to the wiki site.Very soon, others joined in—not least, people on the ground in Pakistan.Previous issues of our magazine have carried articles by this Magsaysay award-winning engineer-turned-activist who founded the nonprofit Asha which supports numerous basic education projects in India.Pandey was recently here to be honored by Indians for Collective Action, the Bay Area nonprofit group that nurtured and mentored Asha when he founded it with three fellow graduate students at the University of California at Berkeley.Mostly self-taught, this talented photographer’s work has appeared in many Indian major newspapers as well as Time, Der Spiegel and National Geographic magazine.Dilip was recently in the Bay Area to host an exhibit of his paintings at the University of California at Berkeley’s Center for South Asia Studies.This month we carry a gorgeous sampling of some his work, as well as an account, in his own words, about his life and work As his own efforts to mobilize communication, assistance and free flow of information on the Web gathered momentum following the devastating earthquake that hit Pakistan and also India, amid the heartrending tragedy of incalculable loss and suffering are also heartening stories of an outpouring of support, writes Sabahat Ashraf.A photo of Magala Towers in Islamabad taken soon after the earthquake Oct. The building collapsed and about 80 flats were demolished as a result.

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But as I read the news about the quake, I realized that this was exactly the kind of situation that this project could address. Then I sent an e-mail to several mailing lists I am on and to friends informing them and inviting them to contribute, and went to sleep. By the next morning, of course, the world was buzzing with news, views, interviews and information about the quake, relief efforts, statistics, and the like.Sandeep’s commitment to the cause of the marginalized has resulted in his giving up a cushy job at IIT Kanpur and moving to an ashram in a village in Uttar Pradesh.He continues to work and assist the people around the ashram as well as he can; he writes about a recent campaign he organized during the Panchayat elections to demand accountability of disbursement of government funds.I had followed some earlier trends, like the mobilization in the South Asian and Muslim communities around Hurricane Katrina, but what happened around the earthquake was, if anything, in an order of magnitude that was much larger in scope and size. had coalesced into the Muslim Hurricane Relief Task Force.And having already organized around that issue just a short time before, there were structures to build on. This very soon transformed itself into the Muslim Task Force for Disaster Preparedness and Relief.

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