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She was starting to ride him now, all of it out and them all back in again.

I knew she would cum soon, she was so wet, and Richard has moved to fondle her erect nipples and slapping the side of her bum...throwing her head back, and gritting her teeth I hear her almost shout out...ohhhh fuuuuuck, I'm gonna cum babeeeeeey...nnnnnnnnggggg..was going crazy.

She was drinking steadily tonight, she looks a little drunk, i thought, I'd better step up my drinking game over dinner to keep up.

We ate and drank many more glasses of red wine, and a couple of shots when I asked if we should head back to our room.

She suggested a little bar right on the canals ide so off we headed, dodging the still present cyclists.

We sat down and ordered some food, a few drinks and chatted waiting for our dinner to arrive.

He walked out, no glamour or performance, and went straight to sit next to my wife, he was going to seduce her, he whispered something, stood up and she slowly removed her blouse, showing her white bra and beautiful cleavage, then lowered her skirt to reveal white lace panties, and thigh stocking.

..dropping to her black smart heels..looked so cute and innocent in front of this man.

He continued kissing her, placed 2 hands on her hips and gently raised her up..moved to hold onto that large cock, put it purposely at my wife's entrance, and guided it in..a little bit at a time.We could do, or we can walk this drunk head off a bit, she replied, the room will only spin otherwise, so I quickly paid up and we headed outside. Let's just walk, I'd like to see if we can find any of those clubs you said about.Shortly, we came across a place that looked both smart and seedy at the same time... At 30 euros it wasn't breaking the bank so in we went. Looking back, the middle aged woman came, and her younger partner arched his back and came deep inside her.She looked absolutely stunning, black pencil skirt to 3/4s down her shapely dancers thighs...which looked to have a nylon covering...unusual but it was a little cold outside so thought no more of it, a white smart blouse and her diamond necklace I bought for her 30th birthday.

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