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I brushed my teeth in a gas-station sink, then rubbed the lotion into my armpits and between my legs, sprayed my hair stiff. “The lower pudenda region is Mother Nature’s billboard. I wish I could convey the erotic subtlety of these aromas instead of what probably sounds like an overpowering greasy-spoon filled with construction workers jacking off on plates filled with crispy bacon. There’s a clean, sharp, nostalgic-stickiness to the high note of it. Posted by Tasty Trixie | 1 Comment Have I become a spunk maven or what is going on?!? pretty aroused, when he said “mmmmm, it smells like YOU already had an orgasm . Do you believe that the smell of a woman is DISTINCTLY different after she climaxes than it was prior to orgasm? Especially since I had *not* recently had an orgasm (it had been at least two hours I think).The resulting smell was sweat and sex under a billowing cloud of strawberry and aloe. I know it’s supposed to be funny but I take it pretty seriously. It should say, ‘Ready to Fuck.’ Not only should you not be trimming and shaving, you should be maintaining a swampy atmosphere that’s just shy of growing fungus. You should be giving off a hot musk that you can almost taste.“ I totally have a crush on this guy now and may finally watch Parks and Rec just because he’s in it. Posted by Tasty Trixie | 0 Comments I smell like Elmer’s glue today. Posted by Tasty Trixie | 0 Comments Today I shot some homemade porn featuring my wife wearing red suspender fishnet stockings, a black g-string and matching black shelf bra. I think TS Gape Lovers clinched it; she came home from shooting for Jay Sin winking her talented ass-pucker at everyone! and I happily obliged in my fave role as perv-behind-the-camera. So I was in bed for the first time with a young man nearly twenty years my junior with his thick cock stretching out his Sponge Bob Squarepants boxer shorts and yeah . I think he smelled pussy and for whatever reason he associates a detectable pussy scent as the scent of a woman who’s having a bunch of orgasms or something.

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Though I like it when people are shaved or trimmed when they want to be, you know I *love* hair: facial hair, body hair, pubic hair, armpit hair . His voice is hot, his face is beautiful and expressive, he’s funny, and he’s married to Megan Mullally who made Will and Grace worth watching the few times I accidentally turned it on and always wished the whole show was about her. like something delicious being cooked downstairs with just the softest warmest parts wafting upstairs to tease and invite us down to eat. Delia’s become a real anal slut as her porn star identity has modestly (haha) grown over the past couple of years . To build on and showcase her anal skills, I shot her using this enormous thick black dong today: She wanted me to be the one to suggest using the big one in the video . I got totally carried away talking to her about training to be the biggest slut — the most SPECIAL and ONLY slut — to be able to accommodate massive freakshow circus cocks, telling her I will have the hugest of the most desperately-hung big men lined up outside our door waiting to finally be able to immerse themselves into the only hole they’ve ever met to satisfy them, and even enjoy doing it. sometimes when I’m working as the dirty old cameraman I get so lost in the process it takes me by surprise what a huge turn-on it is for me. Or I think maybe he was trying to say that I smell like an extra-horny slut.

Posted by Tasty Trixie | 0 Comments When we were fucking the air around us got warm and sweet and salty . MY PUSSY SMELLED LIKE PINEAPPLE AND BACON INFUSED SLUTBUTTER and warm friction. it was just a suggestion of bacon (and I’m not just trying to capitalize on this century’s fiendish obsession with all things bacon). I don’t know where the pineapple note came from either, because I hadn’t had any of that either. After we were done shooting and starting to clean up I finally realized my panties were totally slick and wet . I think this one was especially surprising because I’m not really into extreme penetrations or all of that degrading schtick . On the site where I met him he has a number of smelly-pussy things listed as “fetishes”, including such gems as: So that is kind of hot and all, but I do think people are confused about what exactly they’re smelling and why and where it came from.

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