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It’s awkward, and you feel like people are looking at you.In some places I’ve had to use a disabled loo, which doesn’t feel nice because you’re taking it away from people who need it.” He has now fully transitioned and comfortably uses the men’s loos.They wondered why trans people could not simply use the gendered loo they felt most comfortable with.But as Lewis Hancox, 26, knows, it isn't always that easy.

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“I have seen harassment of women raised as a concern but something I have never seen in gender neutral bathrooms,” says Lester.

The move has already proved controversial, with broadcaster Samira Ahmed tweeting: "Give us back women’s loos for ALL women. " ne of their complaints was that women were stuck using the 'with cubicles' option, while everyone else could use both.

It meant the women's toilets were left with even longer queues.

There are issues for some women of certain faiths using mixed bathrooms and I’d never want to do that, hence either self-contained or giving people the freedom to choose.” his is a divisive issue.

Not everyone in the trans communities thinks there should be four types – some believe there should just be gender neutral loos for everyone in the whole UK and that ‘men’s’ and ‘women’s’ are unnecessary.

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