Who is dawn olivieri dating

The casting call descrives Janice as 32 years old, a fit tough-as-nails woman in biker gear, she is is Alcide’s protective older sister.

🙂 Basically, the reason I haven’t been blogging this past week or so, is because I have fallen into the Vast Wasteland that is Winter Hiatus Television. Man, it’s dark and dismal out there, in the world of repeats, countless Christmas movies starring Mario Lopez, and infomercials for Forever Lazy!

Changing the way men (and women) see her had nothing to do with compromising her own character.

Dawn's always been liberated and free-spirited – it just took awhile for the rest of the world to catch on.

Am I the only one wishing it was Thursday, already?

From enigmatic Lydia on Heroes to bad ass biker werewolf on True Blood, Dawn Olivieri is a beautiful woman with a dangerous side.

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